Best Places to Watch the Race

In order to preserve the natural beauty of the area, please do not paint on the road. The CHP and San Jose Police have been asked by the race organizers to enforce this rule through ticketing and confiscation of paint.

  • Race Start on Bailey Avenue : You will have opportunities to get autographs, take pictures, and talk to the riders. The Start will also have big-screen TVs to watch the live coverage of the race. As a bonus, the riders will return very close to the start as they make their way over the climb up Metcalf Road to the finish. The Lifestyle Festival will also be located at the Start.
  • Bailey Avenue Climb: For spectatoris looking for another great viewing area for watching the race, consider the climb that is just .7 miles from the start on Bailey Road. Being so close to the start, spectators (on bikes) will be able to head back to the start after the last rider climbs up Bailey Avenue to see the final 20 riders make ther ight turn of Hale Avenue onto Bailey Avenue. Two great viewing options!
  • Bailey Avenue and Hale Avenue: Just a few steps from the Start, you will be able to walk over and watch the riders make the turn onto Bailey Avenue and head toward the finish.
  • Metcalf Road and Race Finish: This is obviously where the excitement is going to begin and an obvious destination point. If you are heading to Metcalf Road, get there early. Your options are to either walk or ride your bicycle. Because Metcalf Road will be fenced on both sides, there is going to be VERY limited space for spectators
  • Road Closures: The entire Time Trial course will be shut down to all bicycle and vehicle traffic at noon. Metcalf Road will be closed at 4:00am.

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